DJ Pierre on the modern scene: “EDM culture isn’t separate from house music”

Almost three decades ago, Chicago-based DJ producer Nathaniel Pierre Jones, known to his rabid fans simply as DJ Pierre, pioneered the signature, squelchy acid house sound by messing around with a second-hand Roland bass synthesizer known as the 303. Acid was born, and later, as a member of Phuture, Pierre released 1987′s landmark EP Acid Tracks, (originally recorded in 1985) considered to be the very first acid-house recording in history. This classic ’80s acid sound went on to inspire a far-reaching array of ’90s electronic artists: Richie Hawtin, Aphex Twin, and The Chemical Brothers just to name a few, as well as modern producers like Skrillex.

In a new feature-length interview, The Fader chats with DJ Pierre about how he invented acid, where the 303 sound got its name, and why he thinks current EDM fans need to learn their musical history. When specifically asked about how acid house has shaped the modern electronic music landscape, he said: “I think it definitely shaped techno and trance, you know, especially techno. All the rougher sounds didn’t start coming about until after acid house blew up. It brought a different way of thinking into the house music scene.” Catch the complete informative profile on DJ Pierre here.

Listen to Phuture’s historic 1987 EP Acid Tracks now:

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